The Team

The Owners of Event-FULL!, LLC:

Beth and Diane met in 1998 while working together and found that they were absolutely on the same page when it came to developing activities and programs for children. They always talked about all the wonderful possibilities their common backgrounds and mutual interests could create. In 2007 they combined their extensive experience, unique skills, and talents to form Event-FULL!

Meet the Party Professors:

A little bit about us...

Beth Tamarin Meditz, M.Ed.

Beth received her B.A. in Art and Education from Queens College of the City University of New York, and her Master's Degree at Lesley College Graduate School in Cambridge. Beth concentrated her studies in the areas of child development, perceptual, emotional, and cognitive learning. Beth has been Board Certified in 4 educational areas: Teacher of Elementary School Art, Teacher of Young Children with Special Needs, Teacher of Elementary School with Special Needs, and Elementary School Principal.

For over a decade, Beth has been exploring hands-on creative activities as inspiring and exciting learning tools for children, parents, and teachers in public and private elementary schools and with graduate students at Lesley Collage. Beth has developed her teaching specialty through professional experience as a Learning Specialist, Art Teacher, Educational Consultant, Special Educational Consultant, City-Wide Educational Screening Program Coordinator, Curriculum Development Specialist and Creative Curriculum Liaison.

Beth was on the Board of Directors of the Rainbow Arts Center in Newton, MA and was co-founder of the Needham-based art center, SuperstArts.

In 1984 Beth founded KIDS LOVE ART PARTIES, a children's art entertainment company providing hands-on, age-appropriate activities that involve children in creating their own unique masterpieces at large or small parties/events. Beth continues to use her extensive professional experience to teach and work with children at schools, recreation departments, private/corporate events and parties, and everywhere children are invited!


                         Diane Dinell Benson, M.Ed.
Diane received her B.A. and Master's Degree in Education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Diane has been involved with children since she was in her early teens. It all began when she was hired as an Art Specialist for the Needham Park & Recreation Department Summer Programs. Her love of working with and educating children continued to grow from there.

Diane spent several years as the Program Coordinator and Assistant Director for the Weston Recreation Department. She was responsible for the successful programming of all classes as well as summer programs and activities. She also developed a wide range of wonderful activities for the Newton Jewish Community Center's vacation and summer programs.

Diane currently uses her unique teaching methods to provide children with classes focusing on cooking/baking, engineering, art and science. Diane believes that hands-on learning is the best possible way to learn. Mixing that belief with fun makes for an amazing experience for kids of all ages! In every workshop, party, class, and event that Diane is involved in the makes a strong effort to continue to developing her goal of encouragig children to have such a great time that they don't even realize they're learning. Diane continues to use her experience in many communities in Massachusetts, teaching children of all ages at schools, recreation departments, and private parties.